Proceedings of the USA-Chile Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis


The joint USA-Chile Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis took place at the University Federico Santa Maria, Viña del Mar-Valparaiso, Chile, on January 10 - 15, 2000. This is the second of these meetings; the first was held in April 1985 in Santiago.

The organizing committee consisted of the following members: Patricio Felmer, Manuel Del Pino, and Raul Manasevich from the University of Chile; Paul Rabinowitz from the University of Wisconsin; and Elias Tuma from the University Federico Santa Maria.

The workshop was aimed at researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students working in various areas of Nonlinear Analysis, Differential Equations, and their applications. More than one hundred participants from more than twenty countries gathered together for the event.

During the meeting there were 50-minute plenary talks in the mornings and 30-minute talks in the afternoons. There were also sessions for graduate students to describe briefly their results.

Plenary talks were delivered by the following speakers: Abbas Bahri, Rafael Benguria, Alfonso Castro, David Costa, Michael Crandall, Lawrence Evans, Manuel del Pino, Patricio Felmer, Djairo de Figueiredo, Yanyan Li, Paul Rabinowitz, James Serrin, William Troy, Gunther Uhlmann, Laurent Veron, and Zhi-Qiang Wang. The list of the talks presented at the workshop is as follows:

We would like to thank the authors for submitting their manuscripts, and to the referees for reviewing the papers for the proceedings of this conference. We also want to thank the following institutions for sponsoring this meeting: US National Science Foundation, University of Chile, Conicyt, Fondap, Embassy of France, and University Federico Santa Maria.

Special Issue Editors
Raul Manasevich
University of Chile

Paul Rabinowitz
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI, USA.

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