2003 Colloquium on Differential Equations and Applications, Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Conference 13, 2005, pp. 89-94.

Optimization of discrete-discrete hybrid dynamical systems and its application to problem solving

Cecilia Nava de Villegas, Ferenc Szigeti

A hybrid dynamical system has continuous dynamics, described by differential equations, which interact with a discrete event dynamics [4]. One of the simplest discrete dynamics appears in the delay of a dynamic system. Delays can change in discrete times by discrete dynamics. This kind of interactions can show very complicated behavior. Some of the changes of delay can be described by jumps. The jumps can have proper dynamics, or can be considered as control in the framework of control systems. Technology development, problem solving [2,3], and theorem proving have a common property: All new results became new tools for the development at the instant of their birth. That is, they become sources.

Published May 30, 2005.
Math Subject Classifications: 49N99.
Key Words: Discrete-discrete hybrid dynamical systems; problem solving; optimization.

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Cecilia Nava de Villegas
Departamento de Calculo
Escuela de Basica de Ingeniería
Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela
email: villegasgc@intercable.net.ve
Ferenc Szigeti
Departamento de Sistemas de Control
Escuela de Ingeniería de Sistemas
Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela
email: fszigeti@intercable.net.ve

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