Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, Conference 01, 1997.

Proceedings of the Third Mississippi State Conference on Difference Equations and Computational Simulations


With the advent and rapid development of super computers and high performance workstations, it is becoming possible to simulate complex scientific and engineering models by numerical solution of pertinent systems of differential equations. These computational simulations involve (i) a system of differential equations representative of the physical phenomena (mathematical model); (ii) a numerical method to simulate the mathematical models; and (iii) an efficient sequential/parallel/distributed computing environment requiring an interdisciplinary collaboration between various scientific and engineering fields. In this view, a truly multidisciplinary conference on Differential Equations and Computational Simulation has been initiated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the NSF Engineering Research Center (NSF/ERC) at Mississippi State Universtiy (MSU). The primary objective of this series of conferences is to provide a joint forum where mathematicians, scientists and engineers from industries, federal laboratories and academia exchange research and development ideas. An overall goal for the conferences is to promote research and education in mathematical and computational analysis of theoretical and applied differential equations.

The first two Mississippi State Conferences on Differential Equations and Computational Simulations were held March 19-20, 1993 and April 7-8, 1995. Special issues of the journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation (65:1-3, 1994 and 89:1-3, 1998) were dedicated to the reviewed papers presented during these conferences.

Following the technical success of the first two conferences, the third Mississippi State Conference on Differential Equations and Computational Simulations took place May 16-17, 1997. The third conference was attended by more than 130 researchers. Invited principal lectures were presented by

In addition, 66 contributed papers were presented during the two days of meetings. Professors Rathasingham Shivaji and Bharat Soni served as conference organizers while Professor Jiangping Zhu served as the Program Chair. We would like to thank the participants and principal speakers for their useful contributions to the success of the conference and subsequent papers. We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by the National Science Foundation and the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dean of Engineering, Vice President for Research and the faculty and staff of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the NSF Engineering Research Center at MSU.

The papers in this proceedings represent research in the following multidisciplinary areas:

We appreciate the diligence and responsiveness of the reviewers of the manuscripts. As this goes to press, the Fourth Conference on Differential Equations and Computatonal Simulations is planned for spring 1999 at MSU. It is our hope that the tradition of technical success of the first three conferences continues.

Special Issue Editors

John Graef, Rathasingham Shivaji, Jiangping Zhu
Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Bharat Soni
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Mississippi State University.

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